Lydell Industries chronological history of IVSD


First IVSD

1980: Designed and constructed first IVSD. (infinitely variable speed drive)




1981: Tested transmission on a purpose built go-cart. Result: Worked well.

Patent 4,475,4951982: Designed and filed for patent on a variable speed drive/4 cylinder engine/transmission combination.





1983: Built prototype engine/transmission from a 318 V8 cut in half.


12081983: Installed engine/transmission in a VW bug for testing. Result: 33mpg. The engine sat in front of the rear axle, and the transmission portion was located below the rear window. On one of the test drives, an aluminum link came flying up through the plexiglas transmission cover, out of the top of the engine, and up through the rear car window. I felt the engine shaking, so I shut it off, and stepped to the rear of the car to see what happened. It was 15 to 20 seconds before the link landed. It was a nifty feeling driving a variable speed drive car.

1984: Received patent on engine/transmission. It was my first patent. Cost me $7,500.00. Had to sell my old 53 Chevy truck to pay for it.

aluminum VSD 4 cylinder1985: Constructed second engine/transmission from aluminum. Result: I destroyed a perfectly good early Buick aluminum V8 engine to build the engine/transmission and never ran it.





1986: In those days, there were no online patent searches, so any searches or reference work was all done at the patent office in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia. I went there so much I was invited to one of the few patent seminars and shows the patent office conducted. Two things I remember. First, one in every 10,000 patents ever makes more money than you spend on it, and second, Joseph Newman and his mysterious energy machine were in the next room.

isvd with links1987: Designed and built stand-alone positive drive IVSD transmission using technology from the engine/transmission adjustable links. Result: Actually worked.








IVSD chain 41990: Designed and built better IVSD transmission, center chain output. Result: Very complicated.




Model u joint IVSD1992: Designed and built universal joint IVSD transmission model.





20150318_165820-Infinite variable speed drive universal joint transmission. 19931200px-701993: Built IVSD universal joint based transmission. Result: Fun to watch it run.





1997: First consideration of designing high efficiency automobile engine to go with my IVSD transmissions.

Belt IVSD1999: Designed and built an IVSD by integrating a common VSD with a custom planetary gear set. While this is not a new invention, design innovations made it a better IVSD. Result: Best transmission we built.




2000 Ford Focus 22009: Added a specially designed planetary gear arrangement into a Honda variable speed drive transmission to create an IVSD transmission to use in our 2000 Ford Focus contest vehicle for the X-Prize 100 mpg challenge.